Engineering Workshop

Talleres Casto Arce Echevarría,S.A. was founded in 1915 and nowadays, it still bears the name of its founder. From its very beginnings up to our days, all its managers have had family ties.

At first, Talleres Casto Arce Echevarría was located in modest premises, right in the centre of the city of Torrelavega (Cantabria, Spain). Later on, and, as a result of its fast growth, the company relocated several times in order to find more room for its facilities. Finally, in 2002, it settled in an portion of 6,000m2 in the industrial park of Barros (Cantabria, Spain); an area with excellent connections.


Nowadays, due to the improvement of its performance and service quality, the best national, as well as multinational companies have chosen its services, thus directing 40% of its production to export sales.

This agile and efficient company focuses its productivity on meeting the most varied and demanding markets in the founding of iron as well as in the building of special machinery with both, the customer’s or our own drawing.